CHS Music Programs

By Sadie Hinck

The music program at Cedar High carries importance as a creative outlet that students can utilize to express themselves. It connects friends and unites students across the school. Music teaches students about cultures and different subjects, such as math and science. As reported by The Inspired Classroom, music stimulates brain development in teenagers. 

The music programs that we have at Cedar High are band, orchestra, choir, and theatre. Each of these music programs targets strengthening the musical skills, abilities, and knowledge of students’ music understanding. Despite learning music fundamentals and playing specific instruments, students also learn to accept responsibility and natural consequences as a member. Through this process, students inspire and encourage their peers to be respectful and achieve class goals. In the end, musical enjoyment brings both the young musicians and the audience together. 

The band program contains three bands: Junior Varsity (JV), Concert, and Symphonic. Each band allows students to play with people around their level, helping to unite students across the program.

In orchestra, there are two groups: Concert and Symphonic. These also help students to play with people around their level and become more advanced in the future. 

In theatre, there are three classes: Theatre 1, Theatre 2, and Theatre 3. Each of these classes builds upon the fundamentals of theatre. Theatre 1 focuses more on acting and touches on Shakespeare. Theatre 2 centers more on acting and building more experience around Shakespeare. However, Theatre 3 is where the competitions start to happen. Whether it be playwriting, theatre shows, or state, there is always something to work towards.

In the concluding weeks before Winter Break, the music program members worked on their winter performances. The bands and the orchestras were planning on having live and in-person concerts, but with COVID-19 in mind, they decided that it would be best to prepare recordings of the performances (they can be viewed on YouTube with a link, the band concert is available here). On the other hand, the choirs and the theatre held in-person performances and required health checks.

To add to the number of performances that the school has had, the Jazz Band performed Christmas songs for several things. They first performed at the Sterling Scholar assembly. Then to top it off, the last two days of school before the Winter Break, they were spending their mornings in the Commons playing their Christmas music for the students and school staff that passed by. Now, the music departments are going to be working hard to prepare for the upcoming spring works. We will be looking forward to those.

Link to Christmas Concert videos


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