2020-2021 Sterling Scholars

by Serenity Ringwood

I had the amazing opportunity to meet with our awe-inspiring sterling scholars. All of them are hard-working, charismatic people. All of them enjoy what they do as a scholar and are super excited to compete. Here is a little bit about our scholars.

Brittney Fails is our scholar for agricultural science. She has been working toward being a sterling scholar since she was a freshman, as she wanted the opportunities that it would provide. She didn’t have a beginning interview. She was very stressed out when she was accepted, but she is very excited to compete. She isn’t sure what the competition looks like, but there is an interview and she has to submit her portfolio. She is always running around and doing different things. She has danced her whole life. 

Caleb Nelson is our scholar for business and marketing. He wanted to be a part of the sterling scholars for the scholarships. He’s been working toward it for his entire high school career. He did not have an interview. He felt very relieved when he found out that he was accepted, and he is very excited to compete. For the competition, he has to submit his portfolio and do a bunch of interviews. He runs cross country, he skis, he participates in student government, and he hangs out with Max Workman. 

Fallen Montgomery is our scholar for dance. She has been working to become a sterling scholar since her freshman year. She wanted to be a sterling scholar because she likes to challenge herself. For her interview, she had to perform for three minutes doing modern, contemporary dance that she had to choreograph herself. When she was told that she was accepted, she had been at a dance recital and was so excited that she almost missed her queue. The competition will be almost like the interview she did here, but with more of a challenge to it. She will perform another solo that has been self-choreographed and answer some questions. She was born in Altus, Oklahoma, she moved around a lot, and she has been here since sixth grade. She has also been dancing since she was three years old, and she knows over thirteen different styles of dance. She has been a member of Mohey for four years, and she has been a captain since freshman year. She currently holds the title of “Miss Iron County 2020-21” and was the “Outstanding Teen 2018-19”. She likes whipped cream, musicals, Chris Evans, and she is grateful to be able to represent Cedar High. 

Mya Griffith is our scholar for computer science. She didn’t really have an interview. She has been working toward this since a few years ago. She wanted to be a part of the sterling scholar since a graduation she went to. She was impressed by the people and thought it was really cool. She was at McDonald’s with her mom when she found out and was super excited. She is also excited to compete, but she doesn’t know what competition looks like for her category. She has lived in Cedar all her life. She has played soccer, and she played tennis for a while. 

Kailey Gilbert is our scholar for English. She wanted to be a part of the sterling scholars so that she could be exposed to other opportunities and to have some of the other benefits that come along with it. She has been working toward being a scholar since freshman year, or even back since middle school. She only had to submit a few files and things and hope for the best. She was super stunned and excited that she was accepted into her category. She is extremely excited to compete, but she has no idea what to expect. She is very outspoken and enjoys writing, debate, and anything that has to do with journalism. 

Max Workman is our general scholar. He joined just to see if he could do it as a challenge to himself. He’s been working toward it since his freshman year when he watched the assembly. He did not have an interview for this one either. He felt vindicated when he found out that he was accepted. He is super excited to compete. The competition for this consists of putting everything together and a lot of interviews. He moved here right before his freshmen year, and he found sterling scholars to be a way to anchor himself to the school. He runs cross country, and he hangs out with Caleb Nelson.

Janica Johnson is our scholar for family and consumer science. She wanted to be a scholar so she could get help with college. She has wanted to be a part of the scholars since freshman year, and she found out about it through her mom. She did not have an interview, and she was very happy when she was accepted. She has been looking forward to competing since her freshman year. She spends her summers in Zion working on her grandparents’ horseback rides. She lost part of her finger while working there, but even that didn’t stop her. She’s played the violin since she was five. She has also been a state officer for FCCLA for two years.  

Eliza Wright is our scholar for music. She has been working toward being a sterling scholar since her freshman year. She wanted to be one because she thought it was cool to see all the scholars up there and thought it would be fun. She also likes doing portfolios and thought the interview practice would be nice. She had to put a lot of her stuff down on paper and submit it. When she was accepted, she was at work on break and was so excited she almost screamed. Since she couldn’t tell anyone, she had to keep it to herself. She is super excited to compete but is very nervous. For the competition, she has seven minutes of interview and three minutes to play. She is left-handed; she plays the violin, viola, piano, organ, ukulele; and she is in choir. She loves FCCLA, and she does track and embroidery.   

Matthew Monson is our scholar for science. He tried to work on being a scholar last year before Covid-19 hit. He didn’t have an interview. He was super excited when he found out that he was accepted. He felt he would get a place with the scholars since his mom was included. Since she was, she didn’t get to help when it came to choosing him. He is super excited to compete. He is worried because he doesn’t do well when it comes to talking to multiple people. He doesn’t really know what competition will look like for his category. He runs for the cross county team, he likes to build things, he likes hanging out with his friends, and he likes reading. 

Victoria Chandler is our scholar for skilled and technical education. She was in the middle of her graphics design class with Mr. Davidson, who nominated her, and she didn’t fully recognize what it was. Mr. Davidson was very positive about it and asked a lot of really great questions, and she finds it fun working with all of the other scholars. She loves the community, and she wanted to have the opportunity to further her outreach. She has been working on sterling scholars for the past few months. She was happy and very excited. She is excited and nervous about the competition. She has no idea what the competition looks like. She’s lived in Cedar for all of her life, she is the oldest of four children, she loves the arts, she loves helping people, and she wants to further her skills and teach people. 

Neah DePoe is our scholar for social science. She has been working toward being a scholar since her junior year. She watched the sterling scholar assembly her freshman year and thought it would be cool to be up there. She also likes to do extracurricular activities along with everything. She got a category that she didn’t sign up for, but luckily it was something that she was able to do. She didn’t really have an interview. She was shocked when she was accepted, as she had not gotten called back to do an interview or anything so she was nervous that she didn’t get it. She is excited and thinks it super cool that they get to compete. She has to get her portfolio put together and a few interviews to do for her competition. She has lived in Cedar her whole life, she likes to write, she is on the track and cross country teams, she is the band president, and she plays three instruments. She is also in jazz, pep, and symphonic band. She likes history, watching movies, and she has thought about going to film school. She used to play soccer, and now she has a pet fish named Pudge.  

Abi Mayers is our scholar for speech and drama. She joined the sterling scholars because she thought it was a very prestigious thing and liked the idea of being a part of it. She started working toward being a scholar about the same time she started theatre, but she didn’t notice that she was working toward it until her junior year. She started actively working toward being a scholar this year. Her first interview was nerve-racking, but it also felt natural for her, as she works well on her feet when she has to answer questions about herself. When she got accepted she was super excited but also felt that her odds were pretty high. She is super excited and nervous to compete. She has three minutes to perform two monologues, followed by a seven-minute interview —all in front of three judges. She has been acting since she was eight years old, she can tap dance, and she skipped kindergarten. 

Kade Simmons is our scholar for visual arts. Art has always been a part of his life, and being a scholar was a way to do something he loves to do. He wanted it to be something he could put on his application since it is such a prestigious group. The interview was pretty straightforward. He was really happy when he was accepted. He knew that it would be a way to help him get into college and provide scholarship money. He is excited to compete. He doesn’t know how the competition will really work. He is a people person and hopes that that will work in his favor. He was born in Denver, Colorado, and he grew up in Southern Utah.

Katelyn Mumford is our scholar for world language. She can speak French, German, and a little bit of Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, and Gaelic. Her sister was a sterling scholar, so she always knew of it, and kind of worked toward it, but was never really sure what to do or what it was. She decided she wanted to be a scholar on the day of registration. She had an interview with all of the foreign language teachers. They asked her questions in french to see how comfortable she was with the language. She was super excited when she found out she was accepted. She is super excited to compete. She does debate, cross country, and marches for Canyon View’s Color Guard team. She is awkward, thinks Tow Mator is her spirit animal, and she is the most intelligent dumb blonde she knows. She likes stargazing, doing hair and dress-up, and going on drives. She likes sandwiches and peppermint but finds them gross when they are put together. She hopes to one day be super strong, and she thinks chapstick is pretty awesome. At any moment she can be found yelling in French. 

Good luck to all of these awesome scholars! 

Photo credit: https://ss.sedck12.org/

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