Academic All-State Students Recognized

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By Stephen Hall

As any student-athlete can tell you, it can be hard to have the time or motivation to complete all of the homework and studying that is necessary to be successful in school while still working hard in practice. So, for more than 25 years, the UHSAA has awarded seniors who have achieved excellence in both the classroom and in competition with the Academic All-State Award.

Originally, the UHSAA gave the award to students who had maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout all four years of high school. However, this has been changed so that students who are slightly under a 4.0 GPA can also be given this award if their ACT scores are high enough and they are a contributing member to their sport.

An impressive 16 athletes have been awarded Academic All-State: Lily Barnes from volleyball; Abby Davis and Brynlee Barrick from tennis; Jacey Messer and Logann Laws from soccer; Kailey Gilbert, Makell Corry, and Neah Depoe from girl’s cross country; and Caleb Nelson, Matthew Monson, Caleb Schofield, Maxwell Workman, Samuel Shakespeare, Saul Hanson, Spencer Koa, and William Washburn from boy’s cross country.

Many of these amazing athletes take Advanced Placement and Concurrent Enrollment classes or attend Success Academy while still maintaining excellent grades, making this prestigious award even more impressive.

Boy’s cross country had the second most athletes awarded out of all the 4A teams in the state with an impressive ten athletes awarded. They only lost to fellow Region 9 member, Hurricane High School.

Although cross country may have had the most athletes awarded Academic All-State, volleyball had the highest overall GPA out of any team in the state for 4A.

If you happen to see any of these athletes in the halls, please congratulate them for this impressive accomplishment and their dedication to both athletics and academics


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